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“Concern-Dialog” is against to the draft law on amendments and additions to the Criminal Code of RA

The Ministry of Justice of RA discusses draft laws on “Amending RA Criminal Code” and on “Adding and amending RA Code on Administrative Offences.” The concept aims to improve the punitive policy in economic crimes, and in particular evasion of taxes.


“Concern-Dialog” law firm senior lawyers, however, claim that the concept in question by no means improves the existing issues. Moreover, they think it may negatively affect the business environment and potentially impair the punitive policy in economic crimes.


Below we introduce the interviews and publications by “Concern-Dialog” lawyers on the aforementioned amendments:

Sedrak Asatryan at Post Scriptum © A1+

"Draft law can become evil for enterpreneurs", Sedrak Asatryan © Concern-Dialog

Legal Week #11 (on criminal liability of legal entities) © iravabannet, from15:47

Legal Week #17 (on problematic issues related to criminal liability for economic crimes) © iravaban.net

"Exploring article 205" (analysis) © Business Concept

The Institute of Criminal Liability of Legal Entities has been omitted from the from the concept of new Criminal Code of RA © Concern-Dialog