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TagLaw releases its Annual Review of 2014

TagLaw Alliances released its "Connections" Annual Review of 2014. The review puts a strong emphasis on connectedness. “The connections are what distinguish TAG Alliances. Connection to each other means better responsiveness, better accountability, better service and better results. So our last word for 2014 is to connect,” was the message of the editors.


The Annual Review 2014 highlights multiple cases of successful cooperation between and among TagLaw members; summed up the conferences, member-benefit series, and regional meetings held in 2014; and, of course, represented the new members that joined TagLaw, TIAG, and Tag-SP in 2014.



TagLaw reached 580+ office-members in 100+ countries in 2014. “Concern-Dialog” law firm joined TagLaw worldwide alliance of law firms in 2010. Since then this membership has served for a number of important client matters.


"Connections" Annual Report of TAG Alliances, 2014