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Legal Week #52: Proofs and Legal Issues of the Armenian Genocide

During the Legal week #52, Senior Partner of Concern-Dialog law firm Aram Orbelyan, PhD, had a talk on the evidence that the Armenian Genocide was planned by the Young Turks well before it was done and on recognition of the Genocide by the international community.


Yet in the early 20th century, the international law condemned massacre of groups of people on ethnic or religious bases as impermissible and punishable. And though modern Turkey claims that the murder of more than 1.5 million Armenians was not a genocide act and that there was no criminal intent to massacre them, the available evidence proves the opposite.


Aram Orbelyan highlighted the following: "According to a number of international treaties, Turkey, or at that time the Ottoman Empire, had certain obligations regarding ethnic Armenians.


In addition, there are a number of other documents, such as the statement of world powers of 1915 on recognition of the events happening in Turkey during 1915 as crime against the humanity and Christianity.


There is plenty of evidence proving that the massacres were planned and organized rather than being random: murders of special groups, religious conversions, transfer of children to another cultural environment, mass dislocations which would obciously result in numerous deaths. This process, in fact, was supported by the state.” 

 Interview by Astghik Karapetyan


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