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Press conference on subject “Management Issues in Chamber of Advocates and their Possible Solutions”

On March 15 a press conference at was held “Sputnik Armenia” press club, the speakers of which were “Concern Dialog” firm Managing Director Sedrak Asatryan, Co-founder of “Hashtarar” institute Hayk Hovhannisyan and associate Tatul Khudatyan


The press conference was held with the aim to listen to the authoritative associates’ opinion and explanations about recent unreasonable noises aroused around RA Chamber of Advocates. All the speakers agreed, that the Chamber of Advocates should be strong, united and solid structure through the joint efforts of the advocacy community, and the sprawing opinions around it are inadmissable. “Concern Dialog” law firm Managing Director Sedrak Asatryan particularly mentioned-“Our Chamber of Advocacy is the most established and most independent in the region. Of course, there may arise some problems, however, I urge for unity to solve those problems, and we should not pour invective and create tension. I remember my grandmother would describe people who do not tend to see the good as “there is a horn on bread wheat”. Sedrak Asatryan also noticed, that nothing extraordinary, but a normal operation is taking place in the Chamber. To reporter’s question whether it is possible to split structure creating new units, Mr. Asatryan replied, that there wer three bar associations in Armenia, and there were rather many problems and  disagreements among them due to their different approaches. Therefore, I consider new chamber establishment not serious, since no justification over the idea was supported by the bidders”,-Sedrak Asatryan concluded.


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