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Armenian Gaming Forum: From Idea to Product

On November 17 Aram Orbelyan, the senior partner of Concern-Dialog law firm, participated in Armenian Gaming forum, which was held in Armenia for the first time and was the first platform, designed for everyone related to gambling business. The forum aimed at the development of gambling business in the country, increasing the profitability of the field for the State and getting a status of transparent business for it.

In the framework of platform Aram Orbelyan presented a report; “How to launch a gambling business in Armenia: from idea to ready product”.

Mr. Orbelyan introduced the legislative norms, that regulate gambling activities in Armenia. The types and objects of gambling business were touched upon with detailed information of licensing peculiarities in the field. Aram Orbelyan spoke on possible sanctions in case of violation of law, on demands and restrictions prescribed by law, such as the limitations of advertising and location of casinos.

The importance of forum is obvious for the Government and business representatives. It can contribute to the legal activities of businessmen.