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Arbitration days in Armenia. Aram Orbelyan suggests options for making arbitration more common form of dispute resolution

The joint project between European Union and the Council of Europe "Strengthening the independence, professionalism and accountability of Justice System in Armenia" organized the "Arbitration Days" in Armenia on 14-15 October, 2016.

The "Arbitration Days" hosted six Council of Europe States. The RA Justice sector professionals made speaches as well.

Touching upon arbitration in RA business field, Concern-Dialog Law Firm Senior Partner, arbitor of International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and ADR Partners arbitration center Aram Orbelyan highlighted the importance of estimating the effectiveness of arbitration in terms of businessmen and legal advisors more, than from the point of view of arbitors and theoretical approaches. From this point of view, the traditional advantages of arbitration, such as quickness, less expances in comparison with judicial procedures, confidentiality, professionalism are not always estimated from enterpreneurs.

He also presented other proposals in order to make arbitration a more common form of dispute resolution.

Particularly, he proposed to perform estimation of needs of the potential users (enterpreneurs) of arbitration in order to clarify what needs they have, as well as discuss the possibilities of atbitration which is being "instructed" by the Court.

Aram Orbelyan notes that it's necessary to prescribe concret terms due to the corresponding legislation for accepting arbitration decisions and providing writ. This will ensure the speed of the process.

During the event other issues related to the steps of the development of arbitration in EU member countries, organizations of arbitors in EU member countries (as self-regulatory body) and rules of conduct of arbitors.