Competition Litigation in Armenia. the new issue of the Legal 500's Country Comparative Guides

The Legal 500 has published the Competition Litigation Guide of the series Country Comparative Guides in the format of Q&A.   The Chapter about Armenia was authored by Concern Dialog’s Managing Partner Aram Orbelyan, associates Mery Tovmasyan and Shushan Stepanyan. 

The Guide presents current Competition legislation of the Republic of Armenia, actions and circumstances viewed as violation of the Competition Law, the grounds for submitting a claim on violation of the Competition law, the mechanisms of imposition of liability and compensation of the damage caused due to unfair competition. Reference was also made to the course of the Competition litigation and other related details.


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It also provides various legal resources to the legal community publishing a series of guides, namely Country Comparative Guides on the legislative and legal regulations of different countries of the world every year through cooperation with the leading lawyers of those countries.


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