What rights do employees have in Armenia? A new publication from the Concern Dialog team in the Lexology Getting the Deal Through guide

In the new edition of Lexology Getting the Deal Through concerning labor and employment, senior associate, attorney Shushanik Stepanyan, associate, attorney Suzanna Poghosyan and junior associate Venera Gevorgyan from Concern Dialog law firm presented the legislative regulations and practice of Armenia.

This time, the Lexology Getting the Deal Through guide enables to compare the legal regulations related to the sector in 47 more countries.

In the guide, the team members of the Concern Dialog referred to the rights of employees in Armenia, the mechanisms for protecting labor rights, the types of employment contracts and the minimum requirements for signing employment contracts, as well as to the issues concerning overtime work, vacation and payment for the period of sickness.

There were also presented the regulations regarding the procedure of receiving work permit for foreigners in Armenia, as well as the important changes in the Labor Code that have already been adopted.  

Lexology Getting the Deal Through regularly publishes international expert analyses and reports on the normative legal regulations of about 150 countries of the world.

The Lexology information platform provides the international legal community with sector-related news, as well as expert analyses and research from more than 900 leading law firms in the world.

The guide on Armenia is available here:

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