What key considerations should business representatives bear in mind when moving to Armenia? Lexology Getting The Deal Through published the chapter from the Concern Dialog team in corporate immigration guide

Partner of Concern Dialog law firm, attorney Lilit Karapetyan, junior associates Ani Mkrtumyan and Lusine Hakobjanyan have co-authored the chapter about the regulations and practices in corporate immigration in Armenia on Lexology Getting the Deal Through 2023.

The guide presents the general regulations of the sector, short-term and long-term entry procedures for entrepreneurs and foreigners, the procedure for obtaining work permits for foreign workers, deadlines and the key developments of the past year.

Lexology Getting the Deal Through provides an opportunity to explore the legal regulations related to the practice area in 10 more jurisdictions.


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The guide for Armenia is available here: 

The guide is published in its entirety on the Lexology Getting the Deal Through platform