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Debt collection

Seeking for prudent solutions for certain regulatory issues and considering indoor solutions less reasonable, companies often choose to outsource certain functions to third-party specialized companies that can offer the best possible solutions. Outsourcing works especially effective in the sphere of large-scale debt collections for the companies / organizations the debt is owed to. This is due to the factor that the debt collecting agencies are specialized in dealing with heavy workload and provide high systematization, experts, and other privileges needed for debt collection. Another privilege of referring to specialized debt collecting agencies is that it exempts the hiring companies from the need of establishing separate debt collecting departments within their companies. As mentioned above, a separate debt collecting department would otherwise be a must considering the required workload and type of work.


In addition to this, debt collecting market in Armenia has peculiarities in the sense that there are still no classical debt collecting agencies as far as their activity is impeded by the some legislative limitations (such as one needs a license for bank activity to pursues payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses, etc.). In this context, debt collecting services are provided chiefly by lawyers and law firms. Credit organizations, banks, telecommunication and mobile operators, condominiums, and other organizations that provide public services are among the most frequent consumers of debt collecting services.


“Concern-Dialog” law firm is specialized in outsourcing services in large-scale debt collection. We have a professional team with long-time experience in this field. 


Debt collection process by our firm is accomplished in the following phases: 

  • Pre-litigation phase: notifications to debtor

The debt collection team lawyer notifies debtors – in written and oral forms – on their debt and clarifies the consequences of failure of paying back the debt and the inclusion of court expenses in case of seizure by court. 

  • Litigation phase: collection of debts not collected during Pre-litigation phase

The debt collection team lawyers apply to the court for relevant payment injunctions. In this phase we provide also court representation.

  • Phase of compulsory enforcement of juridical acts: collection of debts not collected during Litigation phase.


The aforementioned steps are accomplished through multifunctional program set up by “Concern-Dialog” law firm that ensure the processing and systematization of large number of lawsuits from the first up to the last stages, where each lawsuit is individually treated.

Our mission is to exempt our clients from the many problems arising during debt collection processes and ensure the pay-off of clients’ debts at the same time not letting down their authority.