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Migration Issues

In the sphere of Migration law our services include chiefly legal consultation for foreign citizens on entrance to the Republic of Armenia, acquisition of temporary or permanent residency, including acquisition of citizenship. We also provide support in formation of document packages for the aforementioned purposes.


According to the migration regulations of RA, citizens of only 63 countries need both the entry visa and invitation for entrance to Armenia. This implies that citizens of the rest of the countries are either granted visa-free entrance regime, or need only the entry visa which can be obtained at the border crossing points of RA after filling in the corresponding application and paying the state fee. (See in detail on Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA webpage.)


A citizen under visa-free regime may stay in Armenia up to 180 days at maximum per year, after which they are obligated to obtain residency status or citizenship. For acquisition of residency status a relevant basis - such as study, engagement in entrepreneurial activities in Armenia, being a being a spouse or a close relative of a citizen of the Republic of Armenia or of an individual who holds residency status in the Republic of Armenia – is required. There are temporary, permanent, special types of residency status. The temporary residency permit is granted for a permit status is granted for a period of five years with a possibility of extension for the same term each time. The special residency permit is granted chiefly to foreigner of Armenian nationality for a period of ten years.


The acquisition of citizenship in the Republic of Armenia is determined by the principle of “right of blood,” that is according to the general regulations individuals are considered citizens of RA if one or both of their parents hold Armenian citizenship. At the same time, the law provides simplified regulations for acquisition of citizenship for individuals of Armenian origin.  


Due to our long experience in this sphere, as well as due to the relevant procedures drawn up by “Concern-Dialog” attorneys, we support our trustees to obtain the desired status in Armenia – residency permit or citizenship – in legally compliant way. Extending its services in this sphere, “Concern-Dialog” will provide legal consultancy and support in the required list documentation for obtaining residency permit or citizenship in EU countries in the near future.