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Representation and defense in criminal proceedings

The legal basis of the criminal justice system in the Republic of Armenia is the Criminal Procedure code of RA. The criminal proceedings are (a) secret and non-public during the pre-trial proceeding of the criminal case and (b) adversarial during the trial stage. The best known principles of criminal procedure are the principle of presumption of innocence, principle of prohibition of tortures, principle of adversarial process, the right of getting legal support, including the right of defense, principle of not giving testimonies against one’s own self, etc. In the line with the national legislation, the criminal procedure of RA is based on precedents, in particular, those of the Court of Cassation of RA and the European Court of Human Rights.


“Concern-Dialog” law firm has so far initiated a number of discussions and workshops on the new criminal procedure code and is actively involved in the discussions on the future legislative amendments. Our firm started to provide services in criminal law in November 2013 and since then we have successful experience in working with the Investigative Committee of the National Security Service of RA, the investigative departments of the Investigative Committee of RA, the Investigative Committee Syunik regional investigative committee, as well as experience in trustee representation to the courts of RA.


Provision of services in criminal procedure law by “Concern-Dialog” attorneys is based on extensive legal and court practice, observation of attorney’s ethical norms in relations with the courts and bodies of criminal prosecution. The trustee’s will, his rights and legal interests are the highest value in our firm’s practice.


Our firm provides the following services in the field of Criminal law:

  • Legal consultancy;
  • Protection of the suspect’s or the accused one’s interests in pre-trial proceedings and at the court;
  • Protection of the witness’ interests in pre-trial proceedings and at the court;
  • Protection of the injured one’s interests in pre-trial proceedings and at the court, including representation of interests of the injured one or other entities in the result of civil claim;
  • Appeal of the actions (inaction) and decisions of the bodies of criminal prosecution in the pre-trial proceedings stage;
  • Appeal of juridical acts at Court of Appeal or Court of Cassation.


Our firm is particularly specialized in the sphere of representation of economic crimes, i.e. the crimes against property and business activity. We represent business interests also in environmental, social security (mining) and other business-related spheres.