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Family Law issues

Family Code of the Republic of Armenia prescribes the legal regulation of family relations including the marriage institute, the legal regime of common shared property, provision of rights and best interests of children, alimony payments system, etc.


A matter of obligatory state registration from the legal viewpoint, marriage considers observation of the procedures prescribed by the legislation and provision of relevant documents. Therefore, legal guidance is essential in marriage deals. In particular, an attorney’s participation in the process of concluding marriage contracts will help to control over the risks concerning the property relations of the spouses. Considering that marriage contract institute in Armenia is still in a law developed stage and so far regulates only the property relations, the participation of a competent lawyer is more than preferable. Moreover, the marriage contract can be concluded as prior to the state registration of the marriage so in any period of the marriage.


During the marriage and afterwards the spouses can regulate issues related to child-care and rearing, as well as the procedure of alimony payments through agreements. In this case as well, a lawyer’s presence will ensure the provision of both the parties’ and the child’s interests.


The divorce is realized in the Civic Status Registration Departments in cases stipulated by the given Code and by the procedure established by the Legislation, as well as by judicial procedure (Family Code of RA, Article 14). The disputes arising between the spouses during the marriage cancelation – including the issues related to child-care, visitations, alimony payments, or shared property – are regulated through judicial procedure. Apparently, a lawyer’s engagement in such a procedure will ensure the maximum provision of a party’s rights and best interests.


“Concern-Dialog” offers the following services in the sphere of Family law:

  • Legal consultancy and guidance in marriage conclusion and cancelation procedures and other family issues;
  • Marriage contracts formation and notarization;
  • Formation and notarization of agreements on child-care and rearing, as well as on alimony payments (if needed);
  • Legal consultancy and court representation for disputes on marriage cancelation, on establishment of procedures of child-care and visitations, on the share of the common property, and on alimony exaction;
  • Legal guidance and protection of rights in mediation processes.