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About Citizenship, Residency and Migration
About Citizenship, Residency and Migration

Armenian legislation establishes several opportunities for foreigners who consider moving to Armenia permanently or temporarily. As a general remark, these opportunities are available by acquiring a residence permit or citizenship of the country, provided that the grounds established by legislation are available. 

The Republic of Armenia recognises the principle of "blood right" (jus sanguinis) to acquire citizenship. Notably, the general rule is that the persons whose parents are Armenian citizens are also considered citizens. The law also establishes cases, when a foreigner (or a person who does not have any citizenship) can apply for obtaining citizenship (naturalisation). This process is relatively facilitated for the cases when the applicant is of Armenian origin. Generally, the grounds for acquiring citizenship are as follows. The person can acquire citizenship of Armenia if:

  1. They have been married to an Armenian citizen for two consecutive years preceding the application, and has resided in Armenia for at least 365 days during the said two years of marriage or has a child who is a citizen of Armenia,
  2. Their parents or one of them have had citizenship of Armenia in the past or were born in Armenia, and who has applied for acquiring citizenship within three years after the applicant has become 18. 
  3. They have Armenian origins.
  4. Other grounds are also available under the applicable laws.

It is also possible to acquire a residence permit which allows the foreigners to reside in Armenia for a specified period, including for one year (temporary residence permit), five years (permanent residence permit) and ten years (special residence permit). The grounds for the acquisition of temporary and permanent permits are mainly related to special engagement of the foreigner in Armenia, such as work or study. The basis for acquiring special residence permits is primarily applicable to persons who have Armenian origins or have carried out significant investment in the country of residence. Details Q&A on the Residence permit requirements can be found in our blog post.

As to the right of entry, the general rule is that foreigners can enter Armenia with visa regime and reside in the country for the maximum period of 180 days (although this may vary depending on the country of origin).

Citizens of 64 countries (as of 2020) shall obtain an entry visa and an invitation to enter the country. For specific countries, a visa-free regime is established. For the rest of the countries, a visa is issued at the entry to Armenia upon submitting the respective application and payment of the state fee. For further details please consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA webpage.

Concern Dialog has extensive experience in advising clients in the processes related to various migration issues. Our expertise varies from standard procedures of acquisition of residence permits to complicated judicial disputes related to citizenship. Our specialists provide services in Armenian, English, Russian and French.

Notably, we provide the following services in this sector:

  • consultancy on legislation related to the Citizenship and Residence Permits of the Republic of Armenia,
  • consultancy, assistance and representation within the process for acquisition of citizenship of the Republic of Armenia,
  • consultancy, assistance and representation in the processes for termination of citizenship of the Republic of Armenia,
  • consultancy, assistance and representation in the processes for acquisition or extension of temporary, permanent or special residence permits,
  • assistance to the foreigners seeking asylum in Armenia and consultancy and representation on issues related to asylum,
  • consultancy, assistance and representation in the processes of the acquisition of work permits,
  • representation of clients before the State authorities during temporary or permanent registration in the territory of RA, factual registration or Military registration in the country (if applicable),
  • representing the clients before the administrative bodies and courts in cases for challenging the administrative bodies’ decision (migration-related litigation).

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1 Charents str., Office 207 Yerevan, 0025, Armenia

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