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Customs Law

In parallel with the development of foreign trade relations in the Republic of Armenia, the number of exporting / importing entities increases. This entails the need for enhanced procedures concerning customs formalities and customs clearance of imported and exported goods.


Considering the peculiarities of customs formalities of various goods and based on importing and/or exporting entities’ aims, the importance of choosing a proper customs regime and a proper method for determining customs values, possible issues concerning cargo inspection and post-import audit, the strict accountability for violation of Customs Code, it becomes necessary for customs formalities to comply with the requirements of Customs Code of RA. This will prevent any negative outcome (stipulated by law) importing/exporting entities’ during customs clearance or post-import audit of the goods.


“Concern-Dialog” law firm will provide you with legal consultancy on any issues of Customs legislation and will support you in effective and productive (less time/money consuming) implementation of customs formalities.


We offer the following services in the sphere of Customs Law:

  • Legal consultancy;
  • Legal support at any stage of customs formalities;
  • Formation of applications to Customs authorities including application for permission of applying for the  transaction price method of determining customs value /Customs Code of RA, article 87/;
  • Arrangement of document packages to Customs authorities of RA on permissions for customs formalities;
  • Representation on Customs law issues to State Revenues Committee and other Customs authorities;
  • Court representation on Customs law issues (dispute of interfering acts, etc.);
  • Legal consultation on EU exports (GSP – GSP +) and possibilities concerning Eurasian Customs Union.


* An outstanding achievement by our law firm in Customs law is the process of recognition of article 204 of the Customs code of RA as anti-constitutional.