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Non-Profit Organizations legal issues

Armenian legislation recognizes a number of organizational-legal forms of non-commercial entities, such as Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs), Foundations, Religious organizations, Unions of entities, State Non Commercial Organizations (SNCOs), Community Non Commercial Organizations (CNCO) etc. Each organizational legal type has general and special statutes and regulations in relation to its establishment and activity.


"Concern-Dialog" has acquired a valuable practice in the sphere of non-commercial organizations establishment, registration, activity legal consulting and support. In case of NGOs and Foundations, the founders normally are set apart from entity and are not in full charge of its management. We can offer a variety of bylaws, contractual and internal regulations from general standard ones to very specific mechanisms of checks and balances and management, which can help the founders in controlling the entities more effectively.


In non-commercial entities, investing is normally accomplished via donations and trusts, as in general cases the non-commercial entities do not have charter capital as such. We offer our help and support in such cases and can offer another variety of tools for more precise and secure regulation of the proprietary bestowing to such entities.


Another kind of non-commercial organization is the Religious Organization. This type of entities are governed by an outdated law on religious organizations which was designed in 90s and mostly aimed at churches and similar organizations. Many religious organizations, such as foreign religious organizations that have only branches or representations in Armenia do not fall under this law and are more free in their activities.


"Concern-Dialog" can offer its experience in variety of matters in connection with local legislation compliance, representation and relations with governmental structures for religious entities and the ones based on faith but falling under the law on Religious Organizations.